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Rothko Revisited

Abstract in White, Orange & Grey


This is my latest painting. It’s certainly influenced by Rothko, my favourite abstract expressionist, but I feel it has a contemporary edge. I’m happy with it but I’m realizing I need to go bigger. Rothko’s were huge — he said it made the viewer experience the painting rather than look at it as an object outside oneself .




Ah, the lure of freshly primed canvas…


So I’ve prepped some larger canvases, and I’m planning a series of diptychs and triptychs. Having a painting spread over two or three panels adds another dimension, and also solves the logistical problems of storage and transportation of big works.

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Artist in the House

In August I was invited to be the next “Artist in the House” at the office of Kingston and the Islands M.P. Ted Hsu. Twenty of my paintings are on exhibit there, including several of my newest works (the paint is barely dry!). The MP’s office is in the Lasalle Mews building, 303 Bagot Street, Kingston, Suite 14. Please drop by and have a look.


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