About the artist

I am an artist and architect. Originally from Montreal, I now live on Wolfe Island in the Thousand Islands region of Ontario. My studio has expansive views over acres of fields and out to the St. Lawrence Seaway. From this inspiring place, I continue my quest to create artwork that expresses my deeply felt connection to nature as well as my urbanized aesthetic sensibilities.

I work in series with several pieces in progress at a time.

This year I’m continuing my exploration of the abstract landscape, inspired in part by the farm fields that surround my studio and in part by my forays into the woods of southeastern Ontario and beyond.

The canvases go back and forth from the floor to the easel several times as they evolve. On the floor I move quickly around the canvas, working from all sides, pouring fluid paint with reckless abandon and moving it around with big wide brushes, scrapers and sometimes just my hands. When the work is on the easel I am slower and more contemplative, using controlled brush strokes and stepping back often to see the work from a distance.

I also work in mixed-media, incorporating textiles, handmade paper, drawing media, collage and paint. Beginning with an underpainting of luminous glazes, I build these paintings layer by layer, selectively revealing and obscuring the layers below. This creates a richly textured finished piece that is evocative and intriguing, and invites interpretation without imposing an overt meaning.